Droplet Microarrays are
transparent and completely
planar arrays consisting of
hydrophilic spots separated
by superhydrophobic barriers based on Aquarray’s patented technology


Droplet Microarray Features

Transparent two-dimensional array format –
no auto-fluorescence
High throughput: 588-6040 spots
per array of 21 mm x 72 mm format
Custom array design possible
Low cell numbers: 1-300 cells per spot
Controllable culturing volumes:
5 to 250 nL per spot
Compatibility with both 2D and 3D cell
culture models
Compatibility with SBS (SLAS/ANSI)
standard spacing between spots
Compatibility with existing equipment
for cell-based screening

Adherent and suspension cell lines of any tissue
and species
Primary cells, iPSCs and stem cells
3D cell culture models, arrays of spheroids and scaffolds

Compound screenings
Transfection-based assays
Microscopy & High Content Screening
Fluorescent- and colorimetric-based assays
Biochemical assays

Cell incubators
Light, fluorescence and confocal microscopes
Standard protocols for staining, fixation
and immunofluorescence
Non-contact dispensers for cells, compounds
and reagents: Scienion, LabCyte, CELLINK, Dispendix,
Gyger, Biofluidix, Formulatrix, BioDot, Cytena
Fluorescence scanners
SBS (SLAS/ANSI) foot print 

384 well Microtiter Plate



  • 30.000 nL
    Reagent Volume / well 
  • 5.000 - 20.000
    Cell Number / well
  • 10.000 pMole
    Compound / well
  • 127 mm x 85 mm

Droplet Microarray

588 - 6040

(adaptable on demand)
  • 100 -150 nL
    Reagent Volume / spot
  • 50 - 300
    Cell Number / spot
  • 30 pMole
    Compound / spot
  • 76 mm x 25 mm